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The 4 Biggest Reasons
To Choose LeBlanc’s Tree Services

To Care For Your Trees

 Established in 1971, LeBlanc’s Tree and Stump Removal, Inc. is one of the area’s oldest tree service companies.  Licensed and qualified arborist that diagnose and resolve many common tree ailments.  We offer everyday tree maintenance services such as tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding as well as long-term tree care services like historic tree preservation and/or assistance in the selection of trees. 

Most people who hire a tree service company don’t even realize there are major differences between companies.  Before hiring someone, you need to know if they have the knowledge, experience and equipment to do the job right. You need to know whether they have adequate insurance coverage in case a worker gets injured on your job, and what kind of value they’re offering for the price. 

Here are the four main reasons why our customers choose LeBlanc’s Tree Services and why you should too:

Reason #1- We do the job right

I know that sounds obvious, but in reality there are many tree service companies that over represent their skill level, even one bad pruning can destroy your trees!  With our state of the art equipment, licensed and qualified arborist and a staff that averages 53 years of experience, you can trust us to care for your trees and property. 

Reason #2- We provide complete insurance coverage protection

As you might imagine, tree service work can be very dangerous.  So dangerous in fact, that our industry occupational fatality rate is actually three times higher than both policemen and firemen.  Yet less than 1 out of 9 tree service companies operating in East Baton Rouge Parish carry both workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage.  If a tree service worker is severely injured on your job, it can devastate your financial future.  When they don’t have workmen’s compensation coverage, an injured tree service worker will likely seek compensation from you. 

LeBlanc’s Tree Services and all tree work done is covered by both Workman’s Compensation and General Liability insurance, with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.  We offer proof of this coverage to all our customers, by providing a Certificate of Insurance direct from the insurance company.  So in the unlikely event that a worker is injured, or a customer suffers property damage while we’re working on their trees, our customers are covered…100%. 

Reason #3- We offer our services at a fair price

We don’t try to compete with the “two men and a chainsaw” tree service companies that offer rock-bottom prices and shoddy service and no insurance protection.   We simply offer the highest quality tree care, at a fair and reasonable price. 

Reason #4- We don’t leave a mess for you to clean up

Some companies leave their tree debris behind for YOU to clean up.  We don’t.  When we finish the job, we clean up your property as if it were our own backyard. Many tree service companies would leave your trees by the side of the road to cut costs for you and them, but new city ordinances requires you to have the debris removed or you can be subject to fines. 

So give us a call and we will be happy to schedule your free estimate. 

Warmest Regards, 

E. H. “Eddie” LeBlanc
LeBlanc’s Tree and Stump Removal, Inc. 

P.S. If you’re still trying to decide which tree service you should choose, be sure to check out our “Choosing A Tree Service Company” page on this website.  There you’ll find the 10 Revealing Questions you should ask any tree service company, before you hire them to care for your trees.

About LeBlanc’s Tree & Stump Removal, Inc.

LeBlanc’s Tree & Stump Removal, Inc. was founded in 1971. One of the oldest tree service companies in the Greater Baton Rouge area. You may recognize our old logo to the right. We now have a new look. The owner, Eddie LeBlanc, born and raised in Baton Rouge and continues to run the company today.


  • Licensed Arborist
  • Member of Louisiana Arborist Association
  • Former president of the Louisiana Arborist Association
  • Member of BBB
Get the BEST Tree Service
Get the BEST Tree Service

Don’t Hire Anyone Until You’ve Asked
These Questions

Just one bad pruning can destroy your trees! Make sure you are hiring the best tree service for your trees by asking these 10 most-important questions.

1. Do they have the equipment to do the job right?

There are a number of fly by night tree service companies working in the Greater Baton Rouge area that are little more than two guys, a chainsaw and a pickup truck. They just don’t have the equipment to safely and properly care for your trees.

LeBlanc's Tree Service was designed for high-production tree service work. With state of the art equipment that includes bucket trucks, knuckle boom trucks, cranes, large and small stump grinders, log loaders, tractors and wood chippers… we can safely handle any job, big or small.

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We Protect Our Customers
We Protect Our Customers

Tree Service Insurance:
Why It is a Must

Tree service work is among the most hazardous of all professions. According to SCA Today (the official newsletter of the Society of Commercial Arborculture) the odds of a tree service worker being seriously injured or killed in any given year are about 1 in 120. That equates to a fatality rate for tree service workers that is three times higher that of a police officer or firefighter.

Despite these facts, many tree service companies have discontinued their coverage, Workmen’s Compensation & General Liability Coverage, leaving both their workers and their customers at risk. A recent survey of 128 tree service companies operating in the Greater Baton Rouge area revealed that less than 1 in 9 carried both workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage.

To know exactly how this will affect you personally,
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Customer Bill of Rights
Customer Bill of Rights

As a Customer, We Believe You Have the Following Rights:

  • You have a right to expect that your tree service company will show up when they say they will and finish your job in a timely manner.
  • You have a right to expect that all work will be completed to your satisfaction. 
  • You have a right to a fair and reasonable price. 
  • You have a right to expect that a qualified Arborist will be consulted during all appropriate phases of your tree service work.
  • You have a right to expect that your tree service company will adhere to National Arborist Association/ TCA pruning standards and not engage in unprofessional tree care tactics.

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A Word From Our Customers

Eddie- Thanks for your help. I certainly appreciate your responding so quickly to my call. I have kept your phone number and will call when I decide to do my additional tree work.
- Carol R.

We sincerely thank both you, and your employees for the professionalism and thoroughness of your work.
- Tom S.

Eddie, Thank you, it looks so much nicer.
- Ruth S.

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